Advanced Inorganic Fibrous Composites V

Volume 50

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Bernd Clauss, Dirk Schawaller
Authors: Samuel Bernard, Markus Weinmann, David Cornu, Philippe Miele

Abstract: Boron-modified polyvinylsilazanes have been studied for suitability as fiber precursor. A melt-tractable polymer displaying Si- and...

Authors: Hiroshi Ichikawa

Abstract: The oxygen free SiC fiber (Hi-Nicalon) has been commercially produced by an electron beam curing process. And then the SiC fiber...

Authors: Günter Motz

Abstract: Main applications for preceramic polymers (precursors) are ceramic fibres, ceramic matrices and coatings. The requirements for the polymer...

Authors: Maksim Kireitseu

Abstract: Energy dissipation (damping) in structures/materials at the nanoscale level, the damping/ dynamics of materials require investigations...

Authors: Jacques Lamon, Stephane Pompidou

Abstract: Interfaces are a key element in ceramic matrix composites, but also in several material assemblies, such as, for instance, multilayers....

Authors: Kristoffer Krnel, Zmago Stadler, Tomaž Kosmač

Abstract: The goal of our research is to develop a carbon-carbon-silicon carbide composite that will unite high fracture toughness of carbon-carbon...

Authors: Natalia I. Baklanova, B.N. Zaitsev, Anatoly Titov

Abstract: CMC's reinforced by SiC-based fibers achieve high toughness and damage tolerance through the disposal of weak fiber coating which can...


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