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Authors: A.G. Leyva, J. Curiale, Horacio E. Troiani, M. Rosenbusch, P. Levy, R.D. Sánchez
Authors: Zormy Correa, H. Murata, T. Tomizawa, K. Tenmoku, A. Oya
Abstract:SiC nanofibers were prepared by using polymer blend and melt-spinning techniques. Polycarbosilane (PCS) as a SiC precursor polymer was...
Authors: Jing Sun, Lian Gao
Abstract:In this paper, a colloidal processing route was adopted to disperse multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWNTs) into alumina powders homogenously....
Authors: Takashi Kyotani, Hironori Orikasa
Abstract:Uniform multiwalled carbon nanotubes can be synthesized using one-dimensional nanochannels of an aluminum anodic oxide film as a template....
Authors: Yasuaki Shinoda, Ichiro Shiota, Yuichi Ishida, Toshio Ogasawara, Rikio Yokota
Abstract:TriA-PI is a newly developed phenylethnyl terminated polyimide. It exhibits excellent mechanical properties and processability with high...
Authors: L. Gavioli, M. Sancrotti
Abstract:This work will provide an overview of recent experiments devoted to study the nature and properties of materials obtained in situ via...
Authors: Renato Buzio, Ugo Valbusa
Abstract:Morphological information can be related to significant properties of solid bodies, like their friction, adhesion and wear. The primary aim...
Authors: F. Matteucci, G. Cruciani, M. Dondi, Giovanni Baldi, M.C. Dalconi, A. Barzanti, G. Lorenzi, C. Meneghini
Abstract:Nanocrystalline titania pigments were produced by a novel synthesis route consisting of a high temperature forced hydrolysis in a ...
Authors: Jurriaan Huskens
Abstract:Functionalized nanoparticles have powerful applications as intermediates between solution and surface chemistry and as tools for...
Authors: W.L. Chiu, M.M. Alkaisi, G. Kumaravelu, R.J. Blaikie, R.J. Reeves, A. Bittar
Abstract:We have employed Interferometric Lithography (IL) for sub-wavelength surface texturing on large area silicon substrates. Low defect density...
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