Spin Injection and Transport in Magnetoelectronics

Volume 52

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AST.52

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Authors: Ilja Turek, K. Carva, J. Kudrnovsky

Abstract: Transport properties of systems based on diluted magnetic semiconductors (Ga,Mn)As are investigated theoretically by means of the Kubo...

Authors: Alessandra Continenza, Silvia Picozzi, Gianni Profeta, Luca Ottaviano, Maurizio Passacantando, Franco D'Orazio, Franco Lucari

Abstract: We present an extensive theoretical and experimental study of the Mn-Ge dilute magnetic semiconductor, a material which - due to its high...

Authors: M. Auslender

Abstract: It is shown that in colossal magnetoresistance materials an inhomogeneous alternating magnetic field generates a strong electric field of...

Authors: Yue Bin Zhang, Thirumany Sritharan, Sean Li

Abstract: Polycrystalline stoichiometric Co-substituted ZnO oxides have been synthesized by solid state reaction via sintering ZnO and Co powders in...

Authors: Pushan Banerjee, B. Ghosh

Abstract: The present paper describes the contacting technology to the diluted magnetic semiconductor Cd1-xMnxTe having potential applications in...

Authors: H.L. Grubin

Abstract: Incorporating diluted magnetic semiconductor (DMS) layers within barrier devices offers new device design potential. To study these devices...

Authors: W.K. Choi, B. Angadi, H.C. Park, J.H. Lee, Jong Han Song, Ravi Kumar

Abstract: The results Co and Fe implanted ZnO thin films were studied before and after 200 MeV Ag ion irradiation. The as-implanted films shows the...

Authors: Joon Yeon Chang, W.Y. Kim, S.H. Chun, M. Saphonin, V.L. Mironov, B.A. Gribkov, A.A. Fraerman

Abstract: The new hybrid device consisting of patterned array of Co nanodots on GaMnAs channel was fabricated and demonstrated to give a new...


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