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Authors: Ai Lin Chun, Thomas J. Webster, Hicham Fenniri
Abstract:Success in surgical joint replacements has resulted in a huge demand amongst patients. Coupled with the lowered average age of patients...
Authors: Hisatoshi Kobayashi
Abstract:To solve the shortage of the donor cornea in Japan, we are developing a poly(vinyl alcohol) hydrogel based keratoprosthesis. Minimum...
Authors: Robert L. Karlinsey, Anderson T. Hara, Clif W. Duhn
Abstract:Self-assembled niobium oxide microcones produced by potentiostatic anodization with varied NaF content (between 100 and 250 mg) in an HF...
Authors: Noah Malmstadt, Tae Joon Jeon, Michael Nash, Robert Purnell, Jacob J. Schmidt
Abstract:Membrane channel proteins play crucial roles in governing the transport of material and energy across every cellular membrane. Accordingly,...
Authors: Jing Xian Zhang, Mikio Iwasa, Dong Liang Jiang
Abstract:Sodium salt carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) was used to prepare HAp-CMC composites through co-precipitation process. HAp nanorods with well...
Authors: E.C. Pegg, David Farrar, Colin A. Scotchford, Gavin S. Walker, D.M. Grant
Authors: M.E. Clark, C. Engel, P.J.C. Felstead, D.M. Walter, David Farrar, Gavin S. Walker, Colin A. Scotchford, D.M. Grant
Authors: Min Hua Chen, Chung King Hsu, Feng Huei Lin, Leszek Stobinski, Jerzy Peszke
Abstract:DP-bioglass is one of biodegradable glasses, which can be used as bioactive material in soft tissue and bone. It was often used in orthopedy...
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