Biomedical Applications of Nano Technologies

Volume 53

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Batur Ercan, Thomas J. Webster

Abstract: Nanotechnology is defined as the use of materials with at least one dimension less than 100 nm. Although nanotechnology has revolutionized...

Authors: H. Otsuka, T. Satomi, Koji Ueno, Tetsuya Tateishi

Abstract: Micropatterned PEGylated substrates with two-dimensional arrays of plasma-etched circular domains (diameter:100 micro-m) were prepared by...

Authors: Teruo Okano

Abstract: In order to avoid several complications resulted from biodegradable scaffolds or single cell injection, we have developed “cell sheet...

Authors: Masayuki Yamato, Teruo Okano

Abstract: In order to realize true regenerative medicine, we have developed a novel technology for the reconstruction of tissues and organs by...

Authors: Sabrina Pricl, Marco Ferrone, Paolo Cosoli, Maria Silvia Paneni, Maurizio Fermeglia, Carlo Cosentino, Francesco Amato, Mark M.C. Cheng, Mauro Ferrari

Abstract: Transport and surface interactions of proteins in nanopore membranes play a key role in many processes of biomedical importance. Although...

Authors: Gui Gen Zhang, Furqan Haq, Anandan Venkatramani

Abstract: We investigated the role of substrate topography on neurite development in pheochromocytoma (PC12 cells) by culturing the cells on...

Authors: Keiichi Torimitsu

Abstract: This paper briefly introduces the nano-bio related-research being carried out in our research group. The work is based on a fusion of...

Authors: Vincent Senez, T. Akalin, S. Arscott, N.E. Bourzgui, B. Bocquet, T. Fujii, E. Lennon, Takahisa Yamamoto

Abstract: Single-cell analysis is a very important field of research and is currently at the frontier of physical and biological sciences....

Authors: Nikolaj Gadegaard, Matthew J. Dalby, Elena Martines, Kris Seunarine, Mathis O. Riehle, Adam S.G. Curtis, Chris D.W. Wilkinson

Abstract: Bionanotechnology has seen much interest in the past few years. The development in new nanotechnologies and the transfer of such to...

Authors: Stefan Beyer, Wendy U. Dittmer, Andreas Reuter, Friedrich C. Simmel

Abstract: Aptamers are DNA or RNA single strands that have been selected from random pools based on their ability to bind ligands. Like antibodies,...


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