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Authors: Chris R. Bowen, K.V.S. Raman, Vitaly Yu. Topolov
Abstract:This paper reports experimental and modelling results on the manufacture and properties of hydroxyapatite / BaTiO3 ceramic composites and...
Authors: Tomoaki Karaki, Kang Yan, Masatoshi Adachi
Abstract:Barium titanate (BaTiO3) ceramics with a high-density were fabricated by two-step sintering method from hydrothermally synthesized 100 nm...
Authors: Marcelo J. Dapino, Phillip G. Evans
Abstract:A dynamic, nonlinear model for magnetic induction and strain response of cubic magnetostrictive materials to 3-D dynamic magnetic fields and...
Authors: Zhong Yang Cheng, S.Q. Li, K.W. Zhang, L.L. Fu, B.A. Chin
Abstract:High performance biosensors are urgently needed from medical diagnosis, to food safety/security, to the war on bio-terrorist. Recently,...
Authors: Larissa V. Panina, D.P. Makhnovskiy, Arkadi Zhukov, J. Gonzalez
Abstract:The discovery of the magnetoimpedance (MI) effect in 1994 had a strong impact on the development of magnetic sensors, offering miniature,...
Authors: Ulrich Schmid, José Luis Sánchez-Rojas
Abstract:In this study, aluminum nitride (AlN) thin films reactively sputter deposited from an aluminium target are characterized both under material...
Authors: Erika Furlani, Eleonora Aneggi, Stefano Maschio
Abstract:The present research compares properties and behaviour of co-precipitated 3Y-PSZ powders submitted, after co-precipitation, to different...
Authors: G. Douchet, F. Sthal, T. Leblois, E. Bigler, C. Tellier, R. Bourquin
Abstract:Quartz length-extension resonators have already been used to get atomically-resolved imaging by frequency-modulation atomic force...
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