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Authors: Cornel Miclea, Constantin Tanasoiu, Corneliu Florin Miclea, I. Spanulescu, M. Cioangher, C.T. Miclea
Abstract:Soft ferrites in the CuZnTi system, having the chemical composition Cu1-x-yZnxTiyFe2O4 with 0.5£x£0.7 and 0.00£y£0.05 were investigated as a...
Authors: Mohsen Shahinpoor
Abstract:This article covers advances made in connection with Ionic Polymeric-Conductor Nano Composites (IPCNCs) as distributed biomimetic...
Authors: Choong Hee Jo, Hani E. Naguib, Roy H. Kwon
Abstract:The electroactive behavior of ionic polymer–metal composite (IPMC) actuator was modeled and the optimum parameters for maximizing the...
Authors: T. Leitão, S.J. Picken, E. Mendes
Abstract:Dielectric elastomers, a class of electroactive polymers, are specially promising due to their proven high actuation strain and energy...
  | Authors: Andreas Lendlein, Marc Behl
Abstract:Most polymers used in clinical applications today are materials that have been developed originally for application areas other than...
Authors: Eri Umebayashi, Wakaaki Murai, Kazuho Suguro, Tomohiro Morohoshi, Tsukasa Ikeda, Norihiro Kato
Abstract:To control and maximize the shrinking rates of thermo-sensitive organic-inorganic (O-I) hybrid gels, microporous structure of gels could be...
Authors: Iku Sakuhara, Eri Umebayashi, Kazuho Suguro, Wakaaki Murai, Tomohiro Morohoshi, Tsukasa Ikeda, Norihiro Kato
Abstract:To control the microstructure and the responsive rates of hydrogels, a temperature-induced phase separation (TIPS) method applied to an...
Authors: Ruksapong Kunanuruksapong, Anuvat Sirivat
Abstract:In our research, we investigated the electrorheological responses and dielectrophoresis force of the six elastomers at various electric...
Authors: Colin J. Martin, Sarath D. Perera, Sylvia M. Draper
Authors: Luigi Sorrentino, Marco Aurilia, Giovanni Forte, Salvatore Iannace
Abstract:Polymeric foams with different concentrations of Fe particles were prepared. The effects of magnetic field (MF) during the foaming process...
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