Smart Materials & Micro/Nanosystems

Volume 54

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ladislau Vékás

Abstract: Composition, synthesis and structural properties of ferrofluids and magnetorheological fluids are reviewed and compared. The similarities...

Authors: Markus Böl, Stefanie Reese

Abstract: Shape memory materials represent a promising class of dual-shape materials that can move from one shape to another in response to a...

Authors: Annelies Malfliet, Linda Stappers, Jan Fransaer

Abstract: Metal coatings with embedded phase change material (PCM) particles were made by electrolytic deposition. These composite coatings have...

Authors: Norio Shinya

Abstract: Long term service of the materials under stresses and at attacking environments causes material damages, leading to fractures. Among a lot...

Authors: Hiroshi Asanuma

Abstract: A new designing concept to realize multifunctional structural material systems is proposed and demonstrated in this paper. The concept can...

Authors: A.D. Norman, M.R. Golabchi, K.A. Seffen, Simon D. Guest

Abstract: Multistable structures are a promising basis for reconfigurable systems. A multistable structure will remain in one of its stable...

Authors: Takashi Hashimoto, Hitoshi Kohri, Atsushi Yumoto, Ichiro Shiota

Abstract: It is difficult to use an ordinary bearing in a vacuum and/or at a high temperature, because of evaporation or deterioration of the...

Authors: Arkadi Zhukov, V. Zhukova, J. Gonzalez, Larissa V. Panina, J.M. Blanco

Abstract: We report on tailoring magnetic properties and giant magneto-impedance GMI in glasscoated microwires fabricated by the Taylor-Ulitovsky...

Authors: Yasubumi Furuya, Teiko Okazaki

Abstract: Technical importance of multi-ferroic approach for designing advanced multi-functional actuator/sensors based on a mutual coupling effect...

Authors: Hitoshi Kohri, Ichiro Shiota, Masahiko Kato, Isao J. Ohsugi

Abstract: Thermoelectric materials can directly convert thermal energy into electrical energy. Research and development of thermoelectric generators...


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