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Authors: Agnese Pavlova, Liga Berzina-Cimdina, Janis Locs, Dagnija Loca, Joerg Bossert
Abstract:In past years scientists have interest in new specific TiO2 properties, which result from oxygen and titanium ratio in ceramic. Recently...
Authors: Maurizio Fermeglia, Marek Maly, Paola Posocco, Sabrina Pricl
Abstract:A current challenge of physical, chemical and engineering sciences is to develop theoretical tools for predicting structure and physical...
Authors: Suwicha Nummeechai, Phiriyathorn Suwanmala, Kasinee Hemvichian, Thirawudh Pongprayoon
Abstract:Ultrathin film of polyisoprene was formed on silica surface in the two dimensional adsorbed surfactant by gamma-ray induced polymerization....
Authors: C. Maurini, Joel Pouget, Stefano Vidoli
Abstract:Bistable structures, such as buckled beams, are characterized by a two-well potential. Their nonlinear properties are currently exploited in...
Authors: Paul Cazottes, A. Fernandes, Joel Pouget, Moustapha Hafez
Abstract:Several smart materials such as shape memory alloys (SMA) and electroactive polymers (EAP) have good properties in small scales and are...
Authors: Pornsri Pakeyangkoon, Rathanawan Magaraphan, Pomthong Malakul, Manit Nithitanakul
Abstract:Organoclay derived from Na-bentonite can offer an alternative used as an inorganic filler for high internal phase emulsiom foams. Two types...
Authors: Xue Yong Wei, Kyle Jiang
Abstract:In this study, microcomponents of nickel (Ni) based nanocomposite were obtained by electrochemical co-deposition of Ni and alumina (Al2O3)...
Authors: Parameswar Hari, Daryl Spencer
Abstract:ZnO nanorods grown by chemical bath methods are of great interest in photovoltaic and electronic device applications because they offer low...
Authors: Tanita Kuanchaitrakul, S. Chirachanchai, H. Manuspiya
Abstract:Inorganic Mesoporous Membrane is a new alternative to improve high-temperature fuel cell performance in proton exchange membrane fuel cells...
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