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Authors: Andrea Bianco, Chiara Bertarelli, Giovanni Dassa, Giorgio Toso, Giuseppe Zerbi
Abstract:The peculiar property of reversible change of the refractive index (Δn) of photochromic systems, is suitably exploited to realize volume...
Authors: Cecile Napierala, Mathieu Edely, Patrick Laffez, Laurent Sauques
Abstract:Nd0.3Sm0.7NiO3 ceramic has been synthesised using a sol-gel method and annealing at oxygen pressure. Nd0.3Sm0.7NiO3 exhibits a reversible...
Authors: Patrick Laffez, Cecile Napierala, R. Ammar, V. Ta Phuoc, Mustapha Zaghrioui
Abstract:The reversible charge ordering transition of (Sm1-x,Cax)MnO3 is associated with strong changes in electrical, magnetic and infrared...
Authors: Pierre Verge, Layla Beouch, Pierre Henri Aubert, Frederic Vidal, François Tran-Van, Dominique Teyssié, Claude Chevrot
Abstract:This paper describes the elaboration and optical characterizations of electrochromic devices (ECDs) based on a semi-Interpenetrating Polymer...
Authors: Arturo Mendoza-Galván, M.A. Vidales-Hurtado
Abstract:Nickel oxide-based thin films were deposited onto indium-tin oxide (ITO) coated glass substrates by the chemical bath method. The synthesis,...
Authors: Katherine Sauvet, Laurent Sauques, Olivier Durand, Jacques Perrière, Jean Bernard Ledeuil, Danielle Gonbeau, Aline Rougier
Abstract:This paper reports the enhancement of the electrochromic properties in the infrared, IR, region of radio frequency sputtered WO3 thin films...
Authors: Volker Schmitt, Stefan Glang, Jasmin Preis, Heiner Detert
Abstract:Fluorescent dyes with a high sensitivity of their optical spectra towards changes of the environment were prepared via aldol condensation or...
Authors: Yoshiaki Uchida, Rui Tamura, Naohiko Ikuma, Satoshi Shimono, Hiroki Takahashi, Jun Yamauchi
Abstract:We have synthesized two types of all-organic radical liquid crystalline (LC) compounds, ...
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