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Authors: Hans Irschik, Michael Krommer, Manfred Nader, Christian Zehetner
Abstract:Smart structures, which are equipped with piezoelectric actuators and sensors, and which involve automatic control, represent an important...
Authors: Ayech Benjeddou
Abstract:This work discusses common practices and realistic considerations for piezoelectricity experimentation, modeling and simulation. It starts...
Authors: Rahmat A. Shoureshi, Sun W. Lim
Abstract:Through the evolution of millions of years, nature has developed fascinating biosensors, bioactuators, and bio-network systems with ability...
Authors: Michael C. Edmondson, L. Tang, A. Kern
Abstract:Microcontrollers are small devices commonly used for control purposes over a wide range of applications. As the control strategies and the...
Authors: Tai Ho Yu, Ching Chung Yin
Abstract:This paper experimentally and computationally examines the modal sensors integrated with a recently developed rotary ultrasonic motor (USM)...
Authors: Wajdi Zouari, M. Elhadrouz, T. Ben Zineb
Abstract:Ferroelectricity is the non-linear behaviour exhibited by piezoelectric ceramics, especially in the application of high electric field....
Authors: Daniel Huber, Michael Krommer, Hans Irschik
Abstract:This paper is concerned with the design of a proper piezoelectric patch actuator network in order to track the displacement of the sidewalls...
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