Emboding Intelligence in Structures and Integrated Systems

Volume 56

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AST.56

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Authors: Jae Min Kim, Jong Jae Lee, Sang Sup Ahn, Jun Seong Choi

Abstract: It is necessary to accurately estimate the dynamic characteristics of stay cables, especially damping ratios, to design cable damper for...

Authors: Hideo Fujitani, Hiroaki Sakae, Mai Ito, Takeshi Hiwatashi

Abstract: Magnetorheological damper (MR damper) has been expected to control the response of civil and building structures in recent years, because...

Authors: Maguid H.M. Hassan

Abstract: Smart control devices have gained a wide interest in the seismic research community in recent years. Such interest is triggered by the fact...

Authors: Kum Gil Sung, Seung Bok Choi

Abstract: This paper presents ride comfort analysis of a full-vehicle featuring controllable magnetorheological (MR) shock absorbers. In order to...

Authors: Yong Feng Du, Yan Hui Liu, Hui Li

Abstract: This paper presents a numerical simulation of anti-overturning control of serially connected isolation system using an imagined novel...

Authors: Lenser A. Aghalovyan, Ruben Z. Hovhannisyan

Abstract: The asymptotic method is used to solve the three-dimensional dynamic problem of the elasticity theory on forced vibrations of multi-layered...

Authors: Michael Contreras, Satish Nagarajaiah, Sriram Narasimhan

Abstract: This study validates an adaptive control algorithm capable of compensating for online sensor failure. Online failure is a relevant problem...

Authors: Jung Woo Sohn, Seung Bok Choi

Abstract: In the present paper, active vibration control of cylindrical shell structure is conducted based on optimized actuator placement....

Authors: Hong Jin Kim, Wha Jung Kim, Soo Gon Lee, Ji Seong Jo, Dai Keun Kim, Kwang Jae Lee

Abstract: Increasing heights of tall buildings often require supplementary damping system for occupant comfort in windy condition. This paper...

Authors: Takeshi Hiwatashi, Hideo Fujitani

Abstract: Recently, the semi-active control method has attracted significant attention from many researchers and engineers. This method aims to...


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