Emboding Intelligence in Structures and Integrated Systems

Volume 56

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AST.56

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Authors: Junjiro Onoda

Abstract: This paper summarizes some studies performed by the author's group on energy-recycling semiactive vibration suppression using piezoelectric...

Authors: Hyung Jo Jung, Dong Doo Jang, Heon Jae Lee, Seok Jun Moon

Abstract: The newly developed smart passive system is based on a magnetorheological fluid (MR) damper, which is one of the most promising semiacitve...

Authors: Mario Di Paola, Francesco Lo Iacono, Giacomo Navarra

Abstract: Mitigation of structural damage due to earthquake ground motion may be performed by inserting dampers in the structure. In order to enhance...

Authors: Arturo Rodriguez, N. Iwata, Fayçal Ikhouane, José Rodellar

Abstract: In the last years there has been an increasing interest to magnetorheological (MR) dampers and their applications to civil engineering. In...

Authors: Peter F. Giddings, Chris R. Bowen, H.A. Kim

Abstract: This paper characterises the properties of unsymmetric bistable carbon fibre composites actuated using a single piezoelectric macro fibre...

Authors: Akira Mita

Abstract: Sustainability of urban structures is dependent on quantitative and reliable information of their conditions, such as levels of...

Authors: Chung Bang Yun, Seung Hee Park

Abstract: This paper presents novel structural health monitoring techniques for critical members of civil structures using electro-mechanical...

Authors: Fabrizio Vestroni, J. Ciambella, Francesco dell'Isola, Stefano Vidoli

Abstract: Among Non-Destructive Evaluation, vibration-based methods respond to the current ten- dency which is to integrate into the structure identi...

Authors: Yi Qing Ni, Yong Xia, Wei Yang Liao, Peng Zhang

Abstract: A long-term structural health monitoring (SHM) system consisting of more than 600 sensors has been designed and is being implemented by The...

Authors: Jae Hyung Park, Dong Soo Hong, Jeong Tae Kim, Ki Young Koo, Chung Bang Yun, Gyuhae Park

Abstract: In this study, a hybrid health monitoring technique that combines wireless sensing and embedded monitoring algorithms is proposed to...


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