Emboding Intelligence in Structures and Integrated Systems

Volume 56

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AST.56

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Authors: Jyrki Kullaa

Abstract: Aging structures need repairing if their lifetime is to be extended. If the structure has been monitored before and after repair, the...

Authors: Miguel R. Hernandez-Garcia, Sami F. Masri

Abstract: In this paper, three latent variable methods are implemented in a multivariate statistical analysis scheme for detecting and identifying...

Authors: Giuseppe Muscolino, Alessandro Palmeri

Abstract: Improved methods of analysis and design, along with refinements in the device hardware, make the use of viscoelastic devices completely...

Authors: Costas Papadimitriou, Evaggelos Ntotsios

Abstract: This work outlines the optimization algorithms involved in integrating system analysis and measured data collected from a network of...

Authors: Nicolae Constantin, Viorel Anghel, Mircea Găvan, Ştefan Sorohan

Abstract: Structural integrity monitoring (SHM) and evaluation of residual mechanical performance are highly needed in assessing the post-impact...

Authors: R. Caponetto, Gianluca Cicala, G. Dongola, F. Filippino, G. Recca

Abstract: A technique to control the resin flow front in closed and open mould is described. The technique consists in embedding linear capacitive...

Authors: Christian Boller, Chen Mig Kuo, Ning Qin

Abstract: Flying has been inspired by biology since the very early days of aviation. Although aircraft look to be established with regard to their...

Authors: Matthew E. Ibrahim, Christine M. Scala

Abstract: The Australian Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO) has established a leading-edge program to enable the development and...

Authors: Baptiste Chomette, Simon Chesné, Didier Rémond, L. Gaudiller
Authors: Sara Casciati, Sebastiano Floridia, Nicola Impollonia, Enrico Reale

Abstract: A construction history that spans centuries often results in complex structural systems whose load-carrying behavior cannot be easily...


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