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Authors: José Pérez-Rigueiro, Manuel Elices Calafat, G.R. Plaza, Gustavo V. Guinea, P. Corsini, E. Marsano
Abstract:Silks spun by arthropods exhibit a set of unique properties that have emerged as the result of over four hundred million years of evolution....
Authors: Pasquale Stano
Abstract:In this article I discuss the backgrounds, some technical insights, and the novel developments of a bioengineering approach to...
Authors: Shigeru Sunada
Abstract:A butterfly's fore- and hindwings act as one low aspect ratio wing. The variation in the feathering angle is not as large as that of other...
Authors: Keith W. Moored, W. Smith, J.M. Hester, W. Chang, Hilary Bart-Smith
Abstract:Myliobatidae is a family of large pelagic rays including cownose, eagle and manta rays. They are extremely efficient swimmers, can cruise at...
  | Authors: Hidetoshi Kobayashi, Keitaro Horikawa
Abstract:The deployment of leaves with plane surface and straight parallel folds, as observed in leaves of hornbeam and beech, was investigated by...
Authors: Emily Leylek, Justin Manzo, Ephrahim Garcia
Abstract:A bat-like aircraft is proposed, using a smart joint mechanism to actuate the morphing of the wings. The smart joint stays in its deformed...
Authors: Alexander Hasse, Lucio Flavio Campanile
Abstract:Compliant mechanisms fulfil a desired force and displacement characteristic. The development of such structures having a defined kinematical...
Authors: Alberto Carpinteri, Pietro Cornetti, Nicola Maria Pugno, Alberto Sapora
Abstract:Many biological materials exhibit a hierarchical structure over more than one length scale. Understanding how hierarchy affects their...
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