Fabrication and Evaluation of Biomimetic Jellyfish Robot Using IPMC


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In this study, fabrication and evaluation of a biomimetic jellyfish robot by using IPMC actuators were performed. Application fields of the existing IPMC actuators are limited due to the flat shape which is a serious weakness for such actuation material. A new curved IPMC actuator with an intended initial deformation was newly developed to overcome the weakness of the flat IPMC actuator and to mimic the jellyfish. The thermal treatment was applied to obtain the intended initial deformation. The bio-inspired input signal was generated with mimicking real motion of the jellyfish. The vertical floating displacement and force of the biomimetic jellyfish robot under various driving signals were measured and compared vertical floating forces and motion of jellyfish robot. Unlike sinusoidal excitation, the bio-inspired input signals make position. Although there are still certain problems to be resolved in the power system and buoyancy, the curved IPMC actuators may possibly be a promising candidate that can materialize the biomimetic fish robot.



Edited by:

Pietro VINCENZINI and Salvatore GRAZIANI






S. W. Yeom and I. K. Oh, "Fabrication and Evaluation of Biomimetic Jellyfish Robot Using IPMC", Advances in Science and Technology, Vol. 58, pp. 171-176, 2008

Online since:

September 2008




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