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Authors: Eike Friedrichs, Ralf Jungmann, Angeliki Tsokou, Stephan Renner, Friedrich C. Simmel
Abstract:DNA has been recently used to construct a variety of nanoscale machines and switches, among them devices which can translocate, compute, or...
Authors: Nicolas Franceschini, Stéphane Viollet, Franck Ruffier, Julien Serres
Authors: Thomas K. Bliss, Tetsuya Iwasaki, Hilary Bart-Smith
Abstract:Rhythmic movements associated with animal locomotion are controlled by neuronal circuits known as central pattern generators (CPG). These...
Authors: Paolo Arena, Davide Lombardo, Luca Patanè
Abstract:In this contribution a survey on a novel approach to locomotion and perception in biologically inspired robots is presented. The basic...
Authors: Kotaro Fukui, Yuma Ishikawa, Eiji Shintaku, Masaaki Honda, Atsuo Takanishi
Abstract:We developed an anthropomorphic talking robot, Waseda Talker No. 6 (WT-6), which generates speech sounds by mechanically simulating...
Authors: Timothy Reissman, Ephrahim Garcia
Abstract:The focus of this research is to use flying insects, coupled with lightweight electronics, to develop cyborg MAVs, or CMAVs. The premise...
Authors: Yan Hou, Robert Allen
Abstract:A team of low-cost underwater vehicles could cover an area quickly, e.g. for pollution detection and clearance and benefit from the...
Authors: Seong Won Yeom, Il Kwon Oh
Abstract:In this study, fabrication and evaluation of a biomimetic jellyfish robot by using IPMC actuators were performed. Application fields of the...
Authors: Mircea Ignat, George Zarnescu
Abstract:The paper present a type of nano and manipulators which are based on structure of the magnetic bacterium, which is described. There are...
Authors: Kyoji Kamemoto, Akira Ojima
Abstract:Although it is well known that the modes of undulatory locomotion of fish swimming provide high speed and high drive efficiency, it is hard...
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