State-of-the-art Research and Application of SMAs Technologies

Volume 59

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Gabriella Faiella, Vincenza Antonucci, Michele Giordano, Federica Daghia, Erasmo Viola

Abstract: Due to the complex microstructure and phase transformations taking place in Shape Memory Alloys (SMA), the behaviour and properties of...

Authors: Václav Paidar

Abstract: Two basic processes, namely shear and shuffling of atomic planes can be considered as elementary mechanisms of displacive phase...

Authors: Francisco Manuel Braz Fernandes, Rui M.S. Martins, Norbert Schell, Karimbi Koosappa Mahesh, Rui Jorge C. Silva

Abstract: The Shape Memory Effect on Ni-Ti thin films is strongly dependent on several factors: (i) chemical composition of the matrix, (ii) presence...

Authors: Kiyohide Wada, Yong Liu

Abstract: In general, the development mechanisms of TWME have long been understood as the nucleation and growth of preferentially oriented martensite...

Authors: Nele Van Caenegem, Kim Verbeken, Roumen H. Petrov, N.M. van der Pers, Yvan Houbaert

Abstract: The shape memory behaviour of a Fe29Mn7Si5Cr based alloy has been investigated. Characterization of the martensitic transformation and the...

Authors: Ana Cris R. Veloso, Rodinei Medeiros Gomes, Dagoberto Brandao Santos, I.C.E.G. Lima, Severino Jackson Guedes de Lima, Tadeu Antonio de Azevedo Melo

Abstract: In this study Cu-13.8Al alloys with 3.0% and 4.0% (wt%) of nickel were obtained by induction melting. The effect of homogenization heat...

Authors: Rodinei Medeiros Gomes, Ana Cris R. Veloso, V.T.L. Buono, Severino Jackson Guedes de Lima, Tadeu Antonio de Azevedo Melo

Abstract: Polycrystalline copper-based shape memory alloys have been of particular interest in relation to Ni-Ti because of their low cost and good...

Authors: Vyacheslav M. Gundyrev, Vitaly I. Zel'dovich

Abstract: We measured integrated intensities of 26 reflections of the B2-phase of titanium nickelide single crystal and determined structure factors...

Authors: Victor I. Kolomytsev, M. Babanly, Alexandre Pasko, A.P. Shpak, Tetjana Sych, P. Ochin, Philippe Vermaut, Richard Portier, Eduard Cesari, D. Rafaja

Abstract: A series of multielementary AB-type shape memory alloys, quaternary (Ti,Hf)50(Ni,Cu)50 and quinary (Ti,Zr,Hf)50(Ni,Cu)50, have been...

Authors: Manfred Kohl, Berthold Krevet, Thomas Grund, Johannes Barth, Daniel Auernhammer, Fadila Khelfaoui

Abstract: Shape memory alloy (SMA) films enable the development of novel mechanically active microsystems as they provide large force and stroke in...


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