State-of-the-art Research and Application of SMAs Technologies

Volume 59

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yuji Takeda, Takaei Yamamoto, M. Uegaki, Hiroki Cho, Toshio Sakuma, Akihiko Suzuki

Abstract: This paper describes the transformation and deformation behavior and its constitutive equation for Ti-41.7Ni-8.5Cu (at%) shape memory...

Authors: Jim Stian Olsen, Zhi Liang Zhang, Casper van der Eijk

Abstract: Recent experimental investigations have indicated that commercial NiTi superelastic alloys consist of particles and inclusions which can...

Authors: Pauline Schlosser, Denis Favier, Herve Louche, Laurent Orgéas

Abstract: The tension behaviour of initially austenitic NiTi thin wall tubes was investigated using measurements of temperature and strain fields...

Authors: Ludek Heller, D. Vokoun, D. Majtás, Petr Šittner

Abstract: Currently, thin NiTi wires have been considered for producing knitted and woven smart textiles with anticipated unique thermomechanical...

Authors: I. Khmelevskaya, Sergey Prokoshkin, Vladimir Brailovski, K.E. Inaekyan, Vincent Demers, Irina Gurtovaya, Andrey Korotitskiy, Sergey V. Dobatkin

Abstract: The main functional properties (FP) of Ti-Ni Shape Memory Alloys (SMA) are their critical temperatures of martensitic transformations,...

Authors: Elena P. Ryklina, Sergey Prokoshkin, A.A. Chernavina, Natasha N. Perevoshchikova

Abstract: The functional properties of the Shape Memory Alloys (SMA): critical temperatures, recovery strain, shape recovery rate, two-way shape...

Authors: Fabio Casciati, Lucia Faravelli, Antonio Isalgué, F. Martorell, H. Soul, Vicenç Torra

Abstract: Shape Memory Alloys (SMA) show particular properties associated to their martensitic transformation between metastable phases. Their use in...

Authors: Yuji Takeda, Hiroki Cho, Takaei Yamamoto, Toshio Sakuma, Akihiko Suzuki

Abstract: The actuators using shape memory alloys can work as an actuator to control or retain positioning without using sensor devices. In this...

Authors: Sven Langbein, Edwald G. Welp

Abstract: An outstanding feature of shape memory alloys (SMAs) is their potential to produce different functional effects like thermal shape memory...

Authors: Eckhard Quandt, C. Zamponi

Abstract: Shape memory alloys are able to provide high work output when due to the martensitic transformation. Therefore, they are a promising...


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