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Authors: Jin Lian Hu, Zheng E Dong, Yan Liu, Yi Jun Liu
Abstract:Shape memory polymers are a promising class of stimuli-responsive materials that have dual-shape capability. This kind of materials can...
Authors: Ken R. Atkinson, Chris Skourtis, S.R. Hutton
Abstract:Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) are of great technical interest because of their high strength (~37 GPa), good electrical conductivity, excellent...
Authors: Tong Lin, Tong Cheng, Rex Brady, Xun Gai Wang
Abstract:In our previous work, we have produced a photochromic wool fabric by applying a thin layer of hybrid silica-photochromic dye onto the wool...
Authors: Sara Robertson, Sarah Taylor, Robert Christie, John Fletcher, Luca Rossini
Abstract:This paper presents an illustrated discussion of the potential for creative design applications of thermochromic textiles brought into...
Authors: George K. Stylios, Tao Yu Wan
Abstract:This paper reports a novel method of developing SMART nanocomposite membranes and coatings by in situ synthesis of iron oxide particles in a...
Authors: Manuel Spaeth, Wilhelm Barthlott
Abstract:The majority of organismic surfaces, like the plant cuticle, is not smooth but micro-structured. Moreover, they are often covered with...
Authors: Anne Schwarz, Jean Hakuzimana, Emmanuel Gasana, Philippe Westbroek, Lieva Van Langenhove
Abstract:Textiles are increasingly studied to use them as sensing and measuring devices of body parameters. For this purpose they need to be modified...
Authors: Sun Yoon, Arun Anand Prabu, S. Ramasundaram, Kap Jin Kim
Abstract:Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) based electrospun nanoweb fibers with outstanding piezo-, pyro- and ferroelectric behavior are being...
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