Smart Textiles

Volume 60

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Laura Jiménez, A.M. Rocha, I. Aranberri, José A. Covas, A.P. Catarino

Abstract: The main objective of this work is to develop conductive yarns to be used as electrical wiring in e-textiles with the typical mechanical...

Authors: Carla Hertleer, Lieva Van Langenhove, Hendrik Rogier

Abstract: Our future garments will not only protect us from the environment or make us look fashionable; they will allow monitoring through an...

Authors: Benno Schmied, Jürgen Günther, Christopher Klatt, Horst Kober, Eugène Raemaekers

Abstract: As a consequence of the ambient intelligent vision where the citizen carries along more and more electronic systems near the body wearable...

Authors: Tilak Dias, W. Hurley, R. Monaragala, R. Wijeyesiriwardana
Authors: Torsten Linz, René Vieroth, Christian Dils, Mathias Koch, Tanja Braun, Karl Friedrich Becker, Christine Kallmayer, Soon Min Hong

Abstract: This document explains different approaches to integrating electronics in textiles. It discusses reliability standards and tests for...

Authors: Eftalea Carpus, Angela Dorogan, Emilia Visileanu, Mircea Ignat, Gelu Onose, Dimitrie Nanu, Ioana Carpus, Maria Buzdugan, Marcela Radu

Abstract: There is a critical need of integrating the basic electronics technologies, sensors, computers and communications into textiles, so that...

Authors: Rita Paradiso, Lionel Bourdon, Giannicola Loriga

Abstract: Textile integration of smart sensor systems is the key technology for the success of future e-garments oriented to emergency operators....

Authors: C.J. Hurren, R.T. Liu, Xin Liu, X.G. Wang

Abstract: This paper investigated the use of titanium dioxide sol-gel coatings to photo-catalyse red wine stains on wool fabrics. Coatings were...

Authors: Damian Pliszka, S. Sundarrajan, A. Jaworek, A. Krupa, M. Lackowski, Seeram Ramakrishna

Abstract: We present a novel method of using Particle Image Velocimetry in electrospraying process studies. Electrospraying of metal oxides...

Authors: Harriet Meinander

Abstract: The haptic properties of textiles are of crucial importance in most application areas and particularly for skin contact garments. Extensive...


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