Artificial Muscle Actuators using Electroactive Polymers

Volume 61

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Il Seok Park, Rashi Tiwari, Kwang Jin Kim

Abstract: In this study, we are testing a sensing response of recently developed IPMC fabrication method, “IPMC Paint”, which can be directly sprayed...

Authors: Tissaphern Mirfakhrai, Ji Young Oh, Mikhail Kozlov, Shao Li Fang, Mei Zhang, Ray H. Baughman, John D. Madden

Abstract: Carbon nanotubes have attracted extensive attention in the past few years because of their appealing mechanical and electronic properties....

Authors: Urmas Johanson, Uno Mäeorg, D. Brandell, Andres Punning, Janno Torop, Maarja Kruusmaa, Alvo Aabloo

Abstract: Composite actuators consisting of sheets of the solid polymer electrolyte (similar to Nafion®) with Cu2+ counter-ions inserted and coated...

Authors: Hristiyan Stoyanov, Guggi Kofod, Reimund Gerhard

Abstract: Dielectric elastomer actuators based on Maxwell-stress induced deformation, are considered for many potential applications where high...

Authors: Maria Bassil, Joel Davenas, M. El Tahchi

Abstract: Polyacrylamide (PAAM) gels suits better the artificial muscle fabrication despite their response time which stays low compared to natural...

Authors: Guggi Kofod

Abstract: The cuboid actuator is presented as a simple system for evaluation of the properties of dielectric elastomer actuators. The Ogden model as...

Authors: Kenji Kiyohara, Takushi Sugino, Kinji Asaka

Abstract: In order to understand the mechanism of the bending motion of the electroactive polymer actuators from the molecular interaction, we...

Authors: Fotis G. Papaspiridis, I.A. Antoniadis

Abstract: Dielectric elastomer actuators (DEA) are a new class of actuators, exhibiting electric field-induced strains. Upon electrical stimulation...

Authors: Toribio F. Otero

Abstract: Films of conducting polymers, when used as electrodes in an electrolytic solution, oxidize and reduce under flow of anodic or cathodic...

Authors: Keiichi Kaneto, Hirotaka Suematsu, Kentaro Yamato

Abstract: Work behaviours and training effects of artificial muscle based on electrochemomechanical strain (ECMS) of conducting polymer, polypyrrole...


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