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doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AST.62

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Authors: İrem Vural, Nasser Khazeni, Bora Mavis, Güngör Gündüz, Üner Çolak

Abstract: A zirconium tungstate (ZrW2O8) precursor was synthesized by a novel sol-gel method with zirconium oxychloride and tungstic acid as the...

Authors: Nathalie Poirot, Philippe Boy, Philippe Belleville, Luc Bianchi

Abstract: Scandium oxides nanopowders have been synthesized using a sol-gel route. ScOOH nanoparticles have been first prepared in solution using...

Authors: Paola Palmero, Valentina Naglieri, Giulia Spina, Laura Montanaro

Abstract: Al2O3-YAG-ZrO2 composites have been produced by surface modification of a commercial nano-crystalline alumina powder with inorganic...

Authors: Selvin Yesilay Kaya, Bekir Karasu, Guray Kaya, Erkul Karacaoğlu

Abstract: In the current study long afterglow phosphors in strontium aluminate system doped with Eu2+ and Dy3+ were synthesized at different firing...

Authors: Selvin Yesilay Kaya, Bekir Karasu, Guray Kaya, Erkul Karacaoğlu

Abstract: The detailed preparation process of Eu2+ and Dy3+ ion co-doped phosphor powders in Sr4Al14O25:Eu2+/Dy3+ phosphor system with bluish-green...

Authors: S. Mihara, K. Yamaguchi, H.T. Hintzen, A.C.A. Delsing, S. Koda, K. Itatani

Abstract: The luminescence properties of rare-earth doped Gd4Si2O7N2 with cuspidine structure were examined. The Gd4Si2O7N2 powder, i.e., a host...

Authors: Djahida Talantikite-Touati, Laldja Benzïada

Abstract: Oxyfluoride phases have been synthesized in free atmosphere, using the initially synthesized perovskite BaTiO3 and the fluorides NaF and...

Authors: Vilko Mandić, Emilija Tkalcec, Stanislav Kurajica

Abstract: The crystallization kinetic parameters of mullite formation from gels doped with La2O3 in 0.99, 1.96 and 2.91 mol% were determined by...

Authors: Audrey Hertz, Véronique Durand, Stéphane Sarrade, Christian Guizard, Anne Julbe, Jean-Christophe Ruiz, Frédéric Charton

Abstract: The increasing interest in supercritical fluids for synthesizing inorganic materials stimulated the development of new processes for...

Authors: Graziela G. de Moraes, Bianca G. Oliveira, Cristina Siligardi, Murilo Daniel de Mello Innocentini, Amir A.M. Oliveira Jr., João B. Rodrigues Neto, Dachamir Hotza, Antonio Pedro Novaes de Oliveira

Abstract: The manufacturing and materials transformation industries generate residues, which do not always have an adequate ecological destination....


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