Mass-Forced SHS Technology of Ceramic Materials


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Self-propagating High-temperature Synthesis (SHS) technology is characterized with high-temperature generation, spontaneous reaction propagation and rapid synthesis. Our research and development on simultaneous synthesis and sintering has progressed by applying mass force effects to SHS technologies; metal-ceramic composite pipe formation with centrifugal force on thermite reactions (“Centrifugal-thermite Process”) and fine ceramic composite synthesis under micro-gravity environments (MGE) formed with a free-fall, parabolic flight and sounding rocket. The process has successfully attained to produce more than 3 m long composite-layered pipes with significant feature for the production in its reaction propagation under centrifugal effect as well as the centrifugal force and reaction heat. In the latter, the TiB2-Al composite synthesis under a free fall MGE, for example, has made clear that the lack of mass migration and the improvement of wetting between TiB2 and Al under the MGE affect the formation of a fine and dense cermet-like structure in the products. An advanced approach on the mass-forced SHS technologies performed is introduced by designing product densities and SHS reaction system.



Edited by:

Pietro VINCENZINI, Ralf RIEDEL, Alexander G. MERZHANOV and Chang-Chun GE






O. Odawara "Mass-Forced SHS Technology of Ceramic Materials", Advances in Science and Technology, Vol. 63, pp. 302-311, 2010

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October 2010





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