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doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AST.65

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Authors: Roberta Licheri, Roberto Orrù, Clara Musa, Giacomo Cao

Abstract: The fabrication of MB2-SiC and MB2-MC-SiC (M=Zr, Hf, Ta) Ultra High Temperature Ceramics (UHTCs) is investigated in this work by combining...

Authors: Anne-Sophie Andreani, Francis Rebillat, Angéline Poulon-Quintin

Abstract: The solar furnace is a heating system based on concentrated sunrays on the material surface. It is an original method for testing...

Authors: V. Rumyantsev, Andrey Osmakov, S. Boykov, V. Fishev

Abstract: Within unified stereological approach the silicon carbide-based ceramics SiSiC , SSiC, and LPSiC are treated as binary compositions, that...

Authors: Guillaume Di Vita, Olivier Preziosa, Sylvie Foucaud, Alexandre Maître, A. Denoirjean, C. Barthélémy

Abstract: The potentialities of ceramic coatings as a protective layer have been discussed by the comparison of the oxidation kinetics between coated...

Authors: William A. Ellingson, J. Scott Steckenrider, Thomas J. Meitzler

Abstract: Monolithic ceramic tile is used as part of ceramic-composite armor. Rejection of individual tile that contain potential...

Authors: Jack R. Little Jr.

Abstract: Advanced ceramic materials are required to meet increasing high temperature demands of components in advanced propulsion engines for high...

Authors: Jung Cheol Yoo, Chang Doo Kee, Il Kwon Oh

Abstract: In this study, an ultrasonic optical fiber hydrogen sensor was newly developed for monitoring and detecting hydrogen leakages. Previously,...

Authors: Marta Ziemnicka, Bogusław Baś, Mateusz Jeż, Ludosław Stobierski

Abstract: Electrochemical stripping techniques still attract considerable attention for trace metal analysis and for measuring several important...

Authors: Alain C. Pierre

Abstract: Aerogels are often largely mesoporous solids, with a porosity which may exceed 90 vol% and a specific surface area up to 1000 m2 g-1. Such...

Authors: L. Perazolli, G.F. Pegler, M.R.A. Silva, R.A.F. Ingino, J.A. Varela

Abstract: A Photocatalyst ceramic powder that presented high photoactivity based on TiO2 modified with 25% molar of SnO2 and up to 5% molar of Ag2O...


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