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Authors: Vittorio Colombo, Emanuele Ghedini, Paolo Sanibondi
Abstract:Thermal plasma processes play nowadays a key role in many industrial applications, such as powder densification and spheroidization,...
Authors: Agnieszka Twardowska, Bogusław Rajchel, Lucyna Jaworska
Abstract:Ti–Si–C coatings were formed at room temperature on AISI 316L steel substrates by dual beam ion assisted deposition technique from single...
Authors: M. Federica de Riccardis, Virginia Martina, Daniela Carbone, Paolo Rotolo, Annapaola Caricato, Gilberto Leggieri, Luciano Pilloni, Leander Tapfer, Rossella Giorgi, Elena Salernitano
Abstract:Poly(etherether-ketone)-alumina coating were deposited by EPD. In order to densify the coatings, conventional thermal treatments were...
Authors: Kazimierz Reszka, Jan Rakoczy, Jerzy Morgiel
Abstract:Good dispersion of active catalytic elements, their uniform distribution on the carrier’s surface and availability for neutralised...
Authors: Virginia Martina, M. Federica de Riccardis, Daniela Carbone
Abstract:Poly(etherether-ketone) (PEEK) suspensions in ethanol and isopropanol containing also α-alumina and hydroxyapatite powders were studied. An...
Authors: Erdem Baskurt, Tolga Tavşanoğlu, Yücel Onüralp
Abstract:SiC films were deposited by reactive DC magnetron sputtering of high purity (99.999%) Si target. 3 types of substrates, AISI M2 grade high...
Authors: Nutthanun Moolsradoo, Hirohumi Sato, Shuichi Watanabe
Abstract:The element added diamond-like carbon films (hydrogen, fluorine, and sulfur) fabricated from C2H2:H2, C2H2:CF4 and C2H2:SF6 mixtures were...
Authors: Jiří Matějíček, Pavel Chráska
Abstract:Thermonuclear fusion is a potential source of cleaner and safer energy for the future. Its technological realization depends on the...
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