Volume 66

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AST.66

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Authors: D. Samélor, Maelenn Aufray, Loic Lacroix, Yannick Balcaen, Joël Alexis, H. Vergnes, Dominique Poquillon, Jean Denis Béguin, Nadine Pébère, Sabrina Marcelin, B. Caussat, Constantin Vahlas

Abstract: Mechanical, barrier and surface properties of aluminium oxide films were investigated by nanoindentation, microscratch and micro tensile...

Authors: Jana Schloesser, Martin Bäker, Joachim Rösler, Robert Pulz

Abstract: In rocket engine combustion chambers, the cooling channels experience extremely high temperatures and environmental attack. Thermal...

Authors: Emilie Courcot, Francis Rebillat

Abstract: To be used as environmental barrier coatings, yttrium silicates must be thermally and chemically stable at high temperatures, under high...

Authors: Juliane Vicenzi, Antonio S. Takimi, Ricardo B. Fonseca, Andrei Locatelli, Célia Fraga Malfatti, Carlos Pérez Bergmann

Abstract: Plasma sprayed alumina coating is applied in many industrial applications in order to promote wear and corrosion resistance. Nonetheless,...

Authors: R. Sitek, Janusz Kaminski, Marcin Pisarek, Hubert Matysiak, Krzysztof Jan Kurzydlowski

Abstract: The paper presents results of investigations into the structure and corrosion resistance of Ti-Al diffusion layers produced on two phase...

Authors: Federica Bezzi, Paride Fabbri, Alida Brentari, Claudio Mingazzini, Emiliano Burresi, Leandro Beaulardi, Sergio Sangiorgi

Abstract: In order to increase the component lifetime of SiC based materials in combustion environments, environmental barrier coatings (EBCs) based...

Authors: Rainer Gadow, Andreas Killinger, Andreas Rempp, Andrei Manzat

Abstract: Protective and functional coatings featuring outstanding tribological performance are of general interest for all kinds of industrial...

Authors: Soupitak Pal, Vikram Jayaram, Sanjay Kumar Biswas, Yancy Riddle

Abstract: As-deposited amorphous (determined through XRD) electroless Ni-B coating upon heat treatment transforms to crystalline phases, Ni3B, Ni2B...

Authors: Peter J. Torvik

Abstract: Although blade coating materials dissipate vibratory energy while acting as thermal barrier coatings or protecting the substrate against...

Authors: Lisa Pin, Florence Ansart, Justine Fenech, Philippe Lours, Jean Pierre Bonino, Julien Sniezewski, Yannick Le Maoult

Abstract: This paper deals with the development of a new synthesis technique for functional materials such as Yttria Stabilized Zirconia (YSZ) in the...


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