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Authors: Zlatoljub D. Milosavljevic
Abstract:This paper explores the use of high-permittivity ceramic substrates in producing novel miniature ceramic chip antenna designs. Single- and...
  | Authors: Horatio Rodrigo, George H. Heller, Aniket Ingrole, Z.R. Liang, Danny G. Crook, Steve L. Ranner
Abstract:Electrical breakdown field measurements on Polymethylmethylacrylate (PMMA) and a nano-composite of PMMA/Barium Titanate (BTA) by 10% wt are...
Authors: Andrea Testino
Abstract:A multi-components multi-layer co-fired ceramic varactor with superior performance is here presented. The concept combines a tunable...
Authors: Sergey Kozyukhin, Alexey A. Sherchenkov
Abstract:Phase change memory materials of Ge-Sb-Te system [(GeTe)m(Sb2Te3)n (m : n = 1:1; 1:2; 2:1)] were studied during thermal cycling by...
Authors: Dorota Szwagierczak, Jan Kulawik
Abstract:In this work perovskite materials A2/3Cu3Ti4O12 (where A=Nd, Sm, Gd, Dy) were synthesized by conventional solid state reaction and sintered...
Authors: Toshio Ogawa, Masahito Furukawa, Takeo Tsukada
Abstract:Poling characteristics, especially DC poling field (E) dependence of dielectric and piezoelectric properties were investigated to evaluate...
Authors: V.V. Mitic, V.B. Pavlovic, L. Kocic, V. Paunovic, L. Zivkovic
Abstract:Taking into account that the complex grain structure is difficult to describe by using traditional analytical methods, in this study, in...
Authors: Jack K. Luo, Y.Q. Fu, Greg Ashley, Williams I. Milne
Abstract:Lab-on-a-chip (LOC) is one of the most important microsystems with promising applications in microanalysis, drug development and diagnosis,...
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