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Authors: Dachamir Hotza, Antonio Pedro Novaes de Oliveira
Abstract:New silicate glass-ceramic compositions have been investigated due to their interesting chemical, mechanical, thermal, and electrical...
Authors: Daniel Chateigner, Philippe Blanchart, Sarah Deniel, Luca Lutterotti, Hans Rudolf Wenk
Abstract:We illustrate the x-ray Combined Analysis approach capabilities in characterizing silicates and phyllosilicates for samples exhibiting...
Authors: Mariano Paganelli, Daniele Paganelli
Abstract:The optical measurement of thermo-mechanical properties allows the sample to be completely free from constraints. This enables the...
Authors: Philippe Blanchart, Sarah Deniel, Nicolas Tessier-Doyen
Abstract:Silicate ceramics with clays are some of the most complicated ceramic systems because of the very complex relationship between the behavior...
Authors: Hesham Mesbah, Moira A. Wilson, Margaret A. Carter
Abstract:Kaolinite (2SiO2.Al2O3.2H¬¬¬¬2O), an aluminosilicate mineral, is the most common constituent mineral in clay used in manufacturing...
Authors: Gilles Toussaint, Catherine Henrist, Bénédicte Vertruyen, Rudi Cloots
Abstract:This paper is focused on the preparation and characterization of different lamellar silica prepared by liquid crystal templating and...
Authors: Hiroshi Kakiuchida, Masato Tazawa, Toyohiko Sugiyama, Kazuki Yoshimura, Koji Tajiri, Yukio Ishikawa
Abstract:Many ceramic tiles are used as outer skins of office and residential buildings and they prevent severe weathers of solar ray, temperature,...
Authors: Daniela Herman, Tomasz Okupski, Wiesław Walkowiak
Abstract:The crystallisation mechanism of glass-ceramic materials from a CMAS group Al0.37B0.34Fe0.01Mg0.02Zn0.29Ca0.05Si0.78O3 was tested under...
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