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doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AST.68

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Authors: Davide Gardini, Carmen Galassi

Abstract: The rheological behaviour of ceramic suspensions affects the quality of the products and the yield of the processes. Therefore, rheology...

Authors: Vilma Ducman, Breda Mirtič

Abstract: In order to decrease the deadweight of structures and/or increase thermal and acoustic insulation properties, the most widely used material...

Authors: Sandrine Lucas, Monique Tohoué Tognonvi, Julien Soro, Sylvie Rossignol, Jean Louis Gelet

Abstract: Progress of fuse technology to reduce cost and to protect environment requires the understanding of physicochemical phenomena that govern...

Authors: Burcak Atay, Mevlut Gurbuz, Ali Kucuk, Aydin Goktas, Aydin Dogan

Abstract: Photochromic materials are sensitive to light when such a material exposed to the sunlight or UV irradiation, it can change color very...

Authors: Toyohiko Sugiyama, Hiroshi Kakiuchida, Masayoshi Ohashi

Abstract: . Tile coating with a higher reflectance of sun light are effective in mitigating heat-island phenomenon. Covering the surface of the...

Authors: Stefano Sfarra, Dario Ambrosini, Alfonso Paoletti, Domenica Paoletti, Clemente Ibarra-Castanedo, Abdel Hakim Bendada, Xavier Maldague

Abstract: Ceramics are inorganic materials fabricated by a high-temperature chemical reaction. Most ceramics are oxides, but the term is also used...

Authors: Gabriele Tonello, Erika Furlani, Dino Minichelli, Sergio Bruckner, Stefano Maschio, E. Lucchini

Abstract: The present paper reports on the results of some experiments on the progress of a previous research and describes the production, in single...

Authors: Erika Iveth Cedillo González, Juan Jacobo Ruiz Valdés, Anabel Álvarez Méndez

Abstract: Non isothermal kinetics of a glass obtained from a mixture of 59 wt % of metallurgical slag and 41 wt % of soda lime recycled glass was...

Authors: Erika Furlani, Gabriele Tonello, Stefano Maschio, Eleonora Aneggi, Dino Minichelli, Sergio Bruckner, E. Lucchini

Abstract: The sintering behaviour of several ceramics prepared using a previously selected mixture of incinerated paper mill sludge and glass cullet...

Authors: Urška Lavrenčič Štangar, Marko Kete, Urh Černigoj, Vilma Ducman

Abstract: Due to relatively successful application of TiO2 photocatalysis in the field of self-cleaning surfaces, a reliable and appropriate...


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