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doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AST.69

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Authors: Ömer Arıöz, Kadir Kilinç, Mustafa Tuncan, Ahmet Tuncan, Taner Kavas

Abstract: Geopolymer is a new class of three-dimensionally networked amorphous to semi-crystalline alumino-silicate materials, and first developed by...

Authors: Vit Šmilauer, František Škvára, Jiří Němeček, Lubomír Kopecký, Petr Hlaváček

Abstract: Research of alkali-activated materials has been a traditional domain of chemists. This paper exploits contribution of micromechanics to the...

Authors: Isabel Castanheira Silva, João Paulo Castro-Gomes, António Albuquerque

Abstract: Waste geopolymeric artificial aggregates (WGA) with different atomic ratios of mining waste mud/Na2SiO (4 to 5) and Na2SiO/NaOH (1.25 to 5)...

Authors: Sotya Astutiningsih, Dwi Marta Nurjaya, Henki Wibowo Ashadi, Niken Swastika

Abstract: Geopolymer concrete with designed strength of 40 Mpa has been mixed from coarse aggregates, sands and geopolymer pastes. Two kinds of pastes...

Authors: Elodie Prud'Homme, Philippe Michaud, Emmanuel Joussein, Claire Peyratout, Agnes Smith, Sylvie Rossignol

Abstract: The synthesis of geopolymers based on alkaline polysialate, was achieved at slightly elevated temperature, by alkaline activation of raw...

Authors: Gisèle L. Lecomte, A. Wattiaux, G. Lecomte

Abstract: The present work focuses on the elaboration of low energy consuming materials and the correlation between their final properties and the...

Authors: Maria Chiara Bignozzi, Luisa Barbieri, Isabella Lancellotti

Abstract: Electric arc furnace slag (EAF-S), coming from a steel productive plant in Italy, has been used as new source for geopolymers synthesis....

Authors: Salvatore Andini, Raffaele Cioffi, Francesco Colangelo, Claudio Ferone, Fabio Montagnaro, Luciano Santoro

Abstract: In this work three samples of MSWI ash have been stabilized in systems containing coal fly ash and able to give geopolymers through a...

Authors: Pavel Straka

Abstract: Formation of tetra-coordinated aluminum in low temperature coal ashes was investigated. Coal samples were intensively air-oxidized at 350oC...

Authors: Kwesi Sagoe–Crentsil, Trevor Brown, Shi Qin Yan

Abstract: The medium to long term engineering performance of high-strength geopolymer concrete systems are largely dependent on fluid ingress and the...


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