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  | Authors: Michel Rigaud
Abstract:FIRE has been incorporated as a non-profit organization in Canada, in May 2005. It is by now a network of professors, researchers and...
Authors: Francesca Mazzanti, Alida Brentari, Emiliano Burresi, Antonino Coglitore, Martino Labanti, Stefano Martelli, Claudio Mingazzini, Antonio Ricci, Sergio Sangiorgi, Matteo Scafè, Matteo Villa
Abstract:Alumina-mullite (AM) refractories are widely used as liners in gas turbines for power production, because of their peculiar properties,...
Authors: Jacek Szczerba
Abstract:The paper describes formation of the phases in magnesia-zirconia refractories due to reaction with the cement furnace charge in a form of...
Authors: Xavier Buttol, Jean Pierre Erauw
Abstract:Refractories cover a wide range of products. With the aim to precisely describe the key product properties, end-users and refractory...
Authors: Harald Harmuth
Abstract:The denomination ‘flexible’ is chosen in the professional jargon of refractories technology for materials able to bear relatively high...
Authors: Thierry Cutard, Nicolas Donval, Aurélien Mazzoni, Claire Michel, Fabien Nazaret
Abstract:This paper deals with the characterization of the thermomechanical behavior of monolithic refractory castables in a wide temperature range,...
Authors: Carmen Baudín, Pilar Pena, Álvaro Obregón, Jose Luis Rodríguez-Galicia
Abstract:The mechanical behaviour of ceramic refractories formulated in the MgO-CaO-SiO2- ZrO2 system is analysed in terms of the room temperature...
Authors: Alida Brentari, Martino Labanti, Francesca Mazzanti, Claudio Mingazzini, Sergio Sangiorgi, Matteo Villa, Stefano Martelli, Daniela Olevano
Abstract:Alumina-mullite refractory tiles are used as liners in gas turbines for power production, for the thermal insulation of the combustion...
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