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doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AST.70

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Authors: Nicolás Rendtorff, Gustavo Suárez, Yesica Bruni, Liliana Garrido, Esteban Fausto Aglietti

Abstract: In service refractory materials are submitted to local temperature gradients that originate thermal stresses causing a thermal shock (TS)...

Authors: Na Li, Leena Hupa, Patrik Yrjas, Mikko Hupa

Abstract: The increasing use of biomass and waste derived fuels in combustion challenges the chemical durability of refractories. Durability of an...

Authors: Christos G. Aneziris, Steffen Dudczig

Abstract: In terms of this work formulations of carbon bonded castables based on new binder approaches and nanoadditions will be demonstrated. The...

Authors: Shinobu Hashimoto, Nishimura Yoshitaka, Hirano Hirofumi, Honda Sawao, Yuji Iwamoto

Abstract: A dense alumina body with anisotropic grains was fabricated from anisotropic particles (platelets) after heating at 1650°C for 15 min under...

Authors: Nigel A. Stone, Wayne Wright, Marty O'Byrne, Stuart Bow

Abstract: Australia is fortunate in that it has ~80,760 kt (Ti equivalent) representing 15% of the world’s titanium resources in the form of...

Authors: Julia Ferenc-Dominik, Hubert Matysiak, Krzysztof Jan Kurzydlowski

Abstract: The paper presents results of the study on the rheology modifiers of ceramic slurries used in the investment casting. The ceramic slurries...

Authors: Rahul Lodha, Carmen Oprea, Tom Troczynski, George Oprea

Abstract: Basic bricks with Cr2O3 from chrome ore, as the spinel forming oxide, are used in the non-ferrous industry because of their corrosion...

Authors: Jacques Poirier

Abstract: Corrosion by liquid oxides is one of the most severe modes of degradations which limit the lifetime of the refractory linings. The study of...

Authors: Fabrizio Valenza, Rafal Nowak, Natalia Sobczak, Alberto Passerone, Michele Di Foggia, Maria Luigia Muolo

Abstract: The need of increased efficiency of industrial gas turbines comes also through the improvement of the composition of superalloys (addition...

Authors: Chong He Li, Yong Hui Gao, Xiong Gang Lu, Wei Zhong Ding, Zhong Ming Ren, Kang Deng

Abstract: The CaZrO3 complex oxide ceramic was synthesized in the development of the potential refractory for melting of titanium alloy, the crucible...


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