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Authors: Frédéric Favier
Abstract:Modern resistive chemical sensors include discontinuous nano/mesostructures. Sensing performances are then governed by the chemical nature...
Authors: Simone Berneschi, Guillaume Alombert-Goget, Cristina Armellini, B.N.S. Bhaktha, Massimo Brenci, Andrea Chiappini, A. Chiasera, Maurizio Ferrari, Sriram Guddala, Enrico Moser, Gualtiero Nunzi Conti, Stefano Pelli, G.C. Righini, Sylvia Turrell
Abstract:The possibility to confine the light in optical planar structures represented the milestone for the development of integrated optical...
Authors: Brigitte Boulard, Guillaume Alombert-Goget, Inna Savelii, Claire Duverger-Arfuso, You Ping Gao, Maurizio Ferrari, Francesco Prudenzano
Abstract:Er3+-doped fluoride glass ceramics planar waveguides containing LaF3 or binary LaF3- ZrF4 nanocrystals have been fabricated by Physical...
Authors: Patrizia Frontera, Concetta Busacca, Vincenza Modafferi, Pierluigi Antonucci, Massimiliano Lo Faro
Abstract:. In this work PVA/Sm2O3 composite fibers and Sm2O3 fibers (PVA and Sm(NO3)3 were used as precursors) were prepared by using electrospinning...
  | Authors: Antônio Hortêncio Munhoz Jr., Renato Meneghetti Peres, L.H. Silveira, Leonardo Gondim Andrade e Silva, L.F. de Miranda
Abstract:Nanocomposites are nanometrical material particles embedded in a specific matrix. The degree of organization of the nanostructures and their...
Authors: L. Minati, G. Speranza, I. Bernagozzi, S. Torrengo, L. Toniutti, B. Rossi, M. Ferrari, A. Chiasera
Abstract:Multi-walled carbon nanotubes were chemically cut by acid treatments and then deposited on 2-aminoethanethiol-modified gold substrate by the...
Authors: Valentina Domenici, Marjetka Conradi, Maja Remškar, Aleš Mrzel, Boštjan Zalar
Abstract:MoO3-x nanowires belong to photocromic materials and are promising candidates for lithium intercalation, hydrogen sensing, and smart windows....
Authors: S. Torrengo, Antonio Miotello, G. Speranza, L. Minati, I. Bernagozzi, M. Ferrari, A. Chiasera, M. Dipalo, Erhard Kohn
Abstract:In the present work two different in situ amination of hydrogenated nano-crystalline diamond surfaces were studied. The effects of an UV...
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