Irradiation of a Nanocomposite of Pseudoboehmite-Nylon 6,12


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Nanocomposites are nanometrical material particles embedded in a specific matrix. The degree of organization of the nanostructures and their properties depend on the nature of the organic and inorganic components of the structure that can generate synergic interactions. Polymeric nanocomposites are related to a class of hybrid materials where inorganic substances of nanometric dimensions are dispersed in a polymeric matrix. In the present work, nanocomposites of nylon 6,12 with different concentrations of pseudoboehmite obtained by sol-gel process were prepared with and without the presence of octadecylamine. After preparation, the samples were irradiated with a 200 kGy radiation dose in an electron accelerator. The pseudoboehmite nano particles were characterized by X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy, differential thermal analysis and thermo gravimetric analysis. The nanocomposites were characterized by thermal and mechanical tests. The addition of pseudoboehmite promoted a reduction of the melting flow during the production of the composites evidencing the interaction of pseudoboehmite with the polymeric matrix, probably modifying its crystalline structure.



Edited by:

Pietro VINCENZINI, Maurizio FERRARI and Mrityunjay SINGH






A. H. Munhoz Jr. et al., "Irradiation of a Nanocomposite of Pseudoboehmite-Nylon 6,12", Advances in Science and Technology, Vol. 71, pp. 28-33, 2010

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October 2010


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