XPS Study of In Situ One-Step Amination of Nanocrystalline Diamond Films


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In the present work two different in situ amination of hydrogenated nano-crystalline diamond surfaces were studied. The effects of an UV irradiation in pure ammonia gas were compared to those produced in a mixture of pure ammonia gas with a small amount of pure oxygen. In situ XPS analysis was used to study the evolution of surface terminations from “C-H” to “CNH2”. As we will show in this work, the grafting of NH2 functional groups to the diamond surface is mediated by oxygen indicating that oxygen plays a crucial role in the process of amination.



Edited by:

Pietro Vincenzini, Maurizio Ferrari and Mrityunjay Singh




S. Torrengo et al., "XPS Study of In Situ One-Step Amination of Nanocrystalline Diamond Films", Advances in Science and Technology, Vol. 71, pp. 45-49, 2010

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October 2010




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