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Authors: Ken Natesan, Zuo Tao Zeng
Abstract:The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Fossil Energy is intensely promoting research and development of materials for advanced steam...
Authors: Fujio Abe
Abstract:Alloy-designing of high-strength ferritic heat resistant steels has been investigated for application to highly efficient, low emission...
Authors: Gernant E. Maurer, Ashish D. Patel
Abstract:The alloys required for fossil fuel power systems are transitioning from stainless steels that operate below 600oC to nickel-based alloys...
Authors: Travis Brammer, Pratik K. Ray, Sumohan Misra, Yi Ying Ye, Mufit Akinc, Matthew J. Kramer
Abstract:Discovery of new high temperature alloys is a multidimensional problem which encompasses the intrinsic thermodynamic stability and their...
Authors: Giuliano Angella, Valentino Lupinc, Maurizio Maldini, Giovanni Onofrio
Abstract:The high temperature creep and fatigue properties of two  -TiAl base intermetallic alloys, for gas turbine components, have been...
Authors: Laurent Royer, Stéphane Mathieu, Christophe Liebaut, Pierre Steinmetz
Abstract:For energy production and also for the glass industry, finding new refractory alloys which could permit to increase the process temperatures...
Authors: Michael Hänsel, Laura Garcia-Fresnillo, Stefanus Luman Tobing, Uwe Breuer, Vladimir Shemet
Abstract:Two chromia forming materials have been exposed to different test gases at low pO2. All used test gases contained hydrogen species in the...
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