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Authors: John R. Nicholls, Richard G. Wellman, Remy Steenbakker, Jörg Feist
Abstract:Thermal barrier coatings (TBCs) are an enabling materials technology to improve the efficiency and durability of gas turbines and thus...
Authors: Margaret M. Stack, Shehab M. Abdelrahman, Buddhadev Jana
Authors: Dario Montinaro, Massimo Malavasi, Gloria Amante, Antonio Chiechi, Antonio Licciulli
Abstract:In the present work, the melting behaviour of ashes obtained from the combustion of coals from different seams were investigated by a...
Authors: Michael Betz, Falk Schulze-Küppers, Stefan Baumann, Wilhelm A. Meulenberg, Detlev Stöver
Authors: Angelo Basile, Pietro Pinacci, Silvano Tosti, Marcello De Falco, Claudio Evangelisti, Tiziana Longo, Simona Liguori, Adolfo Iulianelli
Abstract:Water-gas shift reaction is an important industrial reaction, used for producing synthesis gas and ammonia as well as pure hydrogen for...
Authors: Enrico Drioli, Adele Brunetti, Giuseppe Barbieri
Abstract:Today, CO2 capture from e.g. flue gas has becoming an emerging opportunity for membrane gas separation. The flue gas coming out from power...
Authors: Thierry Richard, Jacques Poirier
Abstract:In the presence of supercritical water, organic materials are converted into energetic gas, with high hydrogen content. In the present...
Authors: Günter Schiller, Asif Ansar, Olaf Patz
Abstract:Metal supported cells as developed at DLR for use as solid oxide fuel cells by applying plasma deposition technologies were investigated in...
Authors: A. Nakaruk, H.Z. Abdullah, J.S. Yun, D.A. Hanaor, Charles C. Sorrell
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