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Authors: Andreas Borgschulte, Robin Gremaud, Aníbal Javier Ramírez-Cuesta, Keith Refson, Andreas Züttel
Authors: Daniele Colognesi, Antonino Pietropaolo, Aníbal Javier Ramírez-Cuesta, Michele Catti, Angelo Claudio Nale, Marco Zoppi
Abstract:Lithium imide (Li2NH) and amide (LiNH2) belong to the Li-H-N system, which has been recently considered for on-board hydrogen storage...
Authors: Daphiny Pottmaier, Sebastiano Garroni, Maria Dolors Barò, Marcello Baricco
Abstract:Hydrogen storage in the solid state has shown increasing research and development, and recently an approach in mixing two hydride systems...
Authors: Marzia Pentimalli, Andrea Frazzica, Angelo Freni, Enrico Imperi, Franco Padella
Abstract:To address the issues of poor thermal conductivity and fragmentation of metal hydride particles undergoing hydriding/dehydriding reactions, a...
Authors: Cristina Guardamagna, Andrea Cavallari, Veronica Malvaldi, Silvia Soricetti, Alberto Pontarollo, Bernardo Molinas, Diego Andreasi, Sergio Lo Russo, Giovanni Capurso, Loredana Magistri, Michela Monteverde, Riccardo Nava, Viviana Mazzanti
Abstract:One of the main challenges in the perspective of a hydrogen economy is the development of a storage system both safe and with high weight...
  | Authors: Fray de L. Castillo-Alvarado, Jaime Ortíz-López, J.S. Arellano, Armando Cruz-Torres
Abstract:Ab initio density functional calculations were performed on a toroidal carbon C120 nanostructure with a single beryllium atom bonded to its...
Authors: Milva Celli, Daniele Colognesi, Alessandra Giannasi, Lorenzo Ulivi, Marco Zoppi, Victoria Garcia Sakai, Aníbal Javier Ramírez-Cuesta
Abstract:The search for efficient hydrogen-storage materials has led to an increasing interest in hydrogen clathrate hydrates, since it has been...
Authors: Simone Giusepponi, Massimo Celino
Abstract:Hydrogen desorption from hydride matrix is still an open field of research. Extensive abinitio molecular dynamics simulations are performed...
  | Authors: Marcello Baricco, Mauro Palumbo, Eugenio Pinatel, Marta Corno, Piero Ugliengo
Abstract:In order to be used for applications, the thermodynamic stability of a candidate hydrogen storage material should be suitable for hydrogen...
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