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Authors: Donald L. Anton, Charles W. James, David A. Tamburello, Jose A. Cortes-Concepcion, Joshua R. Gray, Kyle S. Brinkman
Authors: Haruo Kishimoto, Katsuhiko Yamaji, Manuel E. Brito, Teruhisa Horita, Harumi Yokokawa
Abstract:Degradation and disintegration of the nickel base cermet anode is a serious problem in direct utilization of hydrocarbon fuels, especially...
Authors: Chung Min An, Yong Wook Sin, Jiun Yoon, Nigel Sammes
Abstract:Many physical and chemical problems in solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) are induced by the operating temperature of approximately 800 ~ 1000°C....
Authors: W.S. Wang, Shuang Shii Lian, C. Chen, K.C. Tsai, W.J. Shong, R.Y. Lee
Abstract:Fe-Cr-Mn alloy is a common material used for the metallic interconnector of solid oxide electrolyte fuel cells (SOFC). However, its high...
Authors: Aliye Arabaci, Nuri Solak
Abstract:Doped ceria-based (DC) materials have recently been considered as the most promising solid electrolytes for intermediate temperature solid...
Authors: Massimiliano Lo Faro, Giuseppe Monforte, Alessandro Stassi, Maurizio Minutoli, Vincenzo Antonucci, Vincenza Modafferi, Pierluigi Antonucci, Antonino Salvatore Arico’
Abstract:A Ni-modified La0.6Sr0.4Fe0.8Co0.2O3 / Ce0.9Gd0.1O2 catalyst was prepared by incipient wetness. The product thus obtained was calcined at...
Authors: Kimihisa Yamamoto
Abstract:Dendrimers are highly branched organic macromolecules with successive layers or “generations” of branch units surrounding a...
Authors: Karine Valle, Franck Pereira, Frederic Rambaud, Philippe Belleville, Christel Laberty, Clément Sanchez
Abstract:Fuel cell technology has merged in recent years as a keystone for future energy supply. The proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) is one...
Authors: Antonino Salvatore Arico’, Vincenzo Baglio, Alessandro Stassi, Vincenzo Antonucci
Abstract:Direct Methanol Fuel Cells (DMFCs) are promising candidates for portable electric power sources because of their high energy density,...
Authors: Leonardo Giorgi, Rossella Giorgi, Serena Gagliardi, Elena Salernitano, Theodoros Dikonimos, Nicola Lisi, M. Federica de Riccardis, Marco Alvisi
Abstract:Extensive efforts are focused on the development of Direct Methanol Fuel Cells, due to the intrinsic advantages of this type of devices for...
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