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Authors: Takeshi Hirai, V. Barabash, F. Escourbiac, A. Fedosov, L. Ferrand, S. Gicquel, T. Jokinen, V. Komarov, A. Martin, M. Merola
Abstract:The ITER Divertor is aimed at exhausting the major part of the plasma thermal power including alpha power and at minimizing the helium and...
Authors: Michael Rieth, Dave Armstrong, Bernhard Dafferner, Sylvia Heger, Andreas Hoffmann, Mirjam Diana Hoffmann, Ute Jäntsch, Christian Kübel, Edeltraud Materna-Morris, Jens Reiser, Magnus Rohde, Torsten Scherer, Verena Widak, Horst Zimmermann
Abstract:Refractory materials, in particular tungsten base materials are considered as primary candidates for structural high heat load applications...
Authors: Takeo Muroga, Takuya Nagasaka, Peng Fei Zheng, J.M. Chen
Abstract:V-4Cr-4Ti alloy is an attractive candidate low activation structural material for nuclear fusion reactors. The properties of V-4Cr-4Ti during...
Authors: C.H. Chen, J.J. Kai, F.R. Chen, Y. Katoh
Abstract:We developed a new method to quantify the He atoms in the SiC/SiC Composites Irradiation Behaviour in Fusion Reactor Environment Conditions....
Authors: Ana Morán, Rubén Coto, Javier Belzunce, Jose Manuel Artímez
Abstract:Ferritic/Martensitic steels, with chromium contents ranging between 9 and 12%, were introduced...
Authors: Qun Ying Huang, Sheng Gao, Zhi Qiang Zhu, Zhi Hui Guo, Xin Zhen Ling, Zi Lin Yan, Masatoshi Kondo, Valentyn Tsisar, Takeo Muroga, Yi Can Wu
Abstract:Liquid lithium lead (LiPb) eutectic is considered as one of the promising candidates of tritium...
Authors: Kenji Konashi, Michio Yamawaki
Abstract:Metal hydrides have high hydrogen atom density, which is equivalent to that of liquid water. Fast neutrons are efficiently moderated by...
Authors: Shuo Cheng Tsai, Yi Tsang Hsieh, Ji Jung Kai, Fu Rong Chen
Abstract:Graphite is used as a moderator for high temperature gas-cooled reactor (HTGR) because the microstructure ofwithin the graphite can store...
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