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doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AST.74

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Authors: Andreas Sesselmann, Ralf Hassdorf, Sebastian Zastrow, Eckhard Müller

Abstract: For more than a decade, skutterudites such as cobalt antimonides have been widely studied as a promising thermoelectric (TE) material for...

Authors: Marushka Sendova-Vassileva, Radostina Stoyanova, Dany Carlier, Meglena Yoncheva, Ekaterina Zhecheva, Claude Delmas

Abstract: The structural properties of sodium manganates and iron substituted sodium manganates with compositions Na2/3Mn1-xFexO2 (x=0, 1/3 and 2/3)...

Authors: Tsuyoshi Kajitani, Tomohiro Nozaki, Kei Hayashi

Abstract: P- and N-type thermoelectric iron oxides were developed. The p- and n-type thermoelectric iron oxides were based on delafossite-type CuFeO2...

Authors: Hitoshi Kohri, Masahiko Kato, Isao J. Ohsugi, Ichiro Shiota

Abstract: Research and development of thermoelectric generators have been actively carried out to use waste heat. It is well known some p-type oxides...

Authors: Lidia N. Lukyanova, Vsevolod A. Kutasov, Piotr P. Konstantinov, Valeri V. Popov

Abstract: Thermoelectric and galvanomagnetic properties for solid solution based on bismuth and antimony chalcogenides were studied for the optimal...

Authors: Takenobu Kajikawa

Abstract: Thermoelectric power generation technology has been recognized to contribute to the realization of environment-friendly society all over the...

Authors: Siaw Kiang Chou, W.M. Yang, Jun Li

Abstract: The micro combustor is a key component of a micro thermophotovoltaic (TPV) system. In order to maximize the power output, a high wall...

Authors: Carlos del Cañizo, Gonzalo del Coso, Antonio Luque

Abstract: The recent explosive growth of Photovoltaics and the relative avidity for silicon of the predominant solar cell technology have resulted in...

Authors: Efrain Ochoa-Martínez, Alejandro Merchan, Rocío Romero, Mercedes Gabas, Lourdes Martínez, Francisco Martín, Dietmar Leinen, José Ramón Ramos-Barrado

Abstract: The aim of this study is to optimize processes suitable for production of extremely thin cells focusing in two of the solar cell fabrication...

Authors: Maria Luisa Addonizio, Luigi Fusco

Abstract: In this investigation the surface properties optimisation of a flexible PEN foil to use as substrate for thin film silicon solar cells is...


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