Volume 74

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AST.74

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Authors: Ren Rong Liang, Rudi Santbergen, Miro Zeman

Abstract: Light trapping in the absorber layer of thin-film solar cells is of great importance for obtaining a high photocurrent. A novel...

Authors: Maxim Z. Shvarts, Andrey A. Soluyanov

Abstract: This paper presents an experience in designing, manufacturing and testing the Fresnel lenses (FLs) for sunlight concentration in...

Authors: Antonio Parretta, Andrea Antonini, Maria Angela Butturi, Emiliano Milan, Pierangelo Di Benedetto, Davide Uderzo, Paolo Zurru

Abstract: The light collection properties of different types of solar concentrators have been investigated by applying conventional and innovative...

Authors: Eric Casenove, Loic Pujol, Alexis Vossier, Arnaud Perona, Vincent Goetz, Alain Dollet

Abstract: Experiments and simulations were carried out to assess a passive device for cooling photovoltaic cells under concentrated sunlight. The...

Authors: V.D. Rumyantsev, Yu.V. Ashcheulov, N.Yu. Davidyuk, E.A. Ionova, P.V. Pokrovskiy, N.A. Sadchikov, V.M. Andreev

Abstract: A work on development of the high concentration photovoltaic (HCPV) modules with Fresnel lens panels and III-V multijunction cells is...

Authors: Elisa Sani, Paola Sansoni, Daniela Fontani, Franco Francini, Luca Mercatelli, David Jafrancesco

Abstract: The use of solar divergence collimators is the key for reliable optical tests that reproduce the on-field collector operating conditions....

Authors: Vladimir M. Lantratov, Viktor M. Emelyanov, Nikolay A. Kalyuzhnyy, Sergey A. Mintairov, Maxim Z. Shvarts

Abstract: Feasibility to increase the radiation resistance of multijunction solar cells in using Bragg reflectors has been shown. Two designs of Bragg...

Authors: Vladimir M. Lantratov, Sergey A. Mintairov, Sergey A. Blokhin, Nikolay A. Kalyuzhnyy, Nikolay N. Ledentsov, Maxim V. Maximov, Alexey M. Nadtochiy, Alexey S. Pauysov, Alexey V. Sakharov, Maxim Z. Shvarts

Abstract: We studied the different carrier kinetic mechanisms involved into the interband absorption of quantum dots (QDs) by photocurrent...

Authors: Robert Pitz-Paal, Eckhard Lüpfert

Abstract: Concentrating solar collectors direct the sunlight towards a focus point or focus line. Relevant parameters are the fidelity of the...

Authors: Elena Palomo Del Barrio, Jean Luc Dauvergne

Abstract: A method for thermodynamic characterization of shape-stabilized PCM based on onesingle sample and one-single experiment has been proposed....


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