Volume 75

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AST.75

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Authors: Maria M. Giangregorio, Giuseppe Valerio Bianco, Alberto Sacchetti, Pio Capezzuto, Maria Losurdo, Giovanni Bruno

Abstract: In this contribution, we address two critical and interesting aspects from both fundamental and technological point of views, which are the...

Authors: Paul Seidel, Frank Schmidl, Veit Grosse, Sebastian Döring, Stefan Schmidt, M. Kidszun, Sylvia Haindl, I. Mönch, Ludwig Schultz, B. Holzapfel

Abstract: Thin films of iron pnictides open the way for fundamental experiments on superconductivity in this material. Thus we started to develop...

Authors: Giacomo Prando, Pietro Carretta, Alessandro Lascialfari, Attilio Rigamonti, Samuele Sanna, Laura Romanò, Andrea Palenzona, Marina Putti, Matteo Tropeano

Abstract: The superconducting iron-pnictides SmFeAsO1-xFx (x = 0.15 and x = 0.2) are studied by means of 19F-NMR spectroscopy and SQUID magnetometry....

Authors: Stefano Lupi, Leonetta Baldassarre, Paolo Calvani, Paolo Dore, Chiara Mirri, Michele Ortolani, Andrea Perucchi

Abstract: We show how synchrotron radiation (SR) in the terahertz (THz) region provides the possibility to measure the properties of conventional and...

Authors: Jens Michelsen, Vitaly S. Shumeiko

Abstract: We present a theoretical analysis of the transition from thermal activation (TA) regime to the macroscopic quantum tunneling (MQT) regime of...

Authors: Tetiana Prikhna, Wolfgang Gawalek, Yaroslav Savchuk, Maxim Serga, Tobias Habisreuther, Alexander Soldatov, Shu Jie You, Michael Eisterer, Harald W. Weber, Jacques G. Noudem, Vladimir Sokolovsky, Friedrich Karau, Jan Dellith, Michael Wendt, Mikhael Tompsic, Vasiliy Tkach, Nikolay Danilenko, Igor Fesenko, Sergey N. Dub, Vladimir Moshchil, Nina Sergienko, Christa Schmidt, Doris Litzkendorf, Peter Nagorny, Vladimir Sverdun, Istvan Vajda, Janos Kósa

Abstract: MgB2-based nanostructural materials with rather high oxygen concentration (5-14 wt.%) and dispersed grains of higher borides (MgB12, MgB7)...

Authors: Gabriela Murguía-Romero, Susana Orozco, María de los Ángeles Ortiz, Rosa María Méndez-Moreno, Pablo de la Mora

Abstract: Based on electronic structure calculations using WIEN2k code for the iron oxypnictide LaO1-xFxFeAs a multi-band model is proposed. Within...

Authors: Amine Sellam, E. Giglioli, G. Rousse, Y. Klein, F. Porcher, Y. Le Godec, M. Mezouar, M. D'Astuto, D. Taverna, G. Loupias, A. Shukla, Andrea Gauzzi

Abstract: In order to elucidate the origin of the interplay between charge density wave (CDW) and superconductivity in 1T-TaS2, we have synthesized...

Authors: Ryoji Inada, Akio Oota, Cheng Shan Li, Ping Xiang Zhang

Abstract: This paper presents our recent activities for the development of low-loss (Bi,Pb)-2223 tapes with interfilamentary resistive barriers. To...

Authors: K. Watanabe, T. Inoue, S. Awaji

Abstract: We prepared Ag-sheathed Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8 (Bi2212) tapes heat-treated in high fields (in-field heat-treatment Bi2212) and heat-treated without...


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