Osseointegration of Titanium Alloy Macroporous Implants Obtained by PM with Addition of Gelatin


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Studies of titanium and its alloys commonly used as biomaterials aim to improve bone-implant interface related problems, which may determine the quality, bone repairing time and therefore the implant clinical success. The goal of this study was to evaluate, in rats, osseointegration of macroporous implants produced by powder metallurgy (PM) method with controlled addition of gelatin. As control group, samples of commercially pure titanium (cpTi) and Ti-13Nb-13Zr alloy obtained by the PM process were used. To obtaining the porous samples, at most 15% in weight of gelatin was added to metallic powders, the samples were thermally treated in vacuum furnace, and sintered at 1150°C. The osseointegration evaluation was performed in Wistar rats, males, for a 28 days period. The morphological analyses, optical microscopy and scanning electron microscopy (SEM), evaluated qualitatively the osseointegration. The PM process modified by addition of gelatin provides with success the obtaining of porous metallic implants. Pore size obtained by this technique allowed the necessary nourishing to cell survival, proving that pores and channels form a high interconnectable network represented by the osseointegration and osteoconduction feature of the porous alloy.



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Pietro VINCENZINI, John A. JANSEN, Kazuhiko ISHIHARA and Thomas J. WEBSTER






T. S. Goia et al., "Osseointegration of Titanium Alloy Macroporous Implants Obtained by PM with Addition of Gelatin", Advances in Science and Technology, Vol. 76, pp. 259-263, 2010

Online since:

October 2010




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