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Authors: Kazuhiko Ishihara, Yuuki Inoue
Abstract:Recently, much attention has been attracted to bio/blood compatible materials to suppress undesirable biological reactions that determine the...
Authors: Nobuhiko Yui
Abstract:Polyrotaxane-immobilized surfaces were prepared as a platform of dynamic surfaces, which can prevent from non-specific interaction with...
  | Authors: Dieter Hofmann, Maria Entrialgo, Jürgen Reiche, Karl Kratz, Andreas Lendlein
Abstract:Biodegradable polymers are applied in temporary implants, such as surgical sutures and controlled drug delivery systems. They are also of...
Authors: Toshiki Miyazaki
Abstract:Apatite-polymer hybrid has attractive features as novel bone substitutes such as both ability of bone-bonding and mechanical performances...
Authors: Naomi Cohen-Arazi, Ilanit Hagag, Michal Kolitz, Abraham J. Domb, Jeoshua Katzhendler
Abstract:Optically active α-hydroxy acids derived from amino acids have been synthesized and polymerized into new biodegradable polyesters. The...
Authors: Eyas Dayyoub, Udo Bakowsky
Abstract:Protein adhesion on biomaterial surfaces plays a major role in determining their biocompatibility and cell responses. The goal of this study...
Authors: Robert L. Karlinsey, Allen C. Mackey, Emily R. Walker, Trenton J. Walker, Christabel X. Fowler
Abstract:The inability to sufficiently prevent and/or repair chemically-etched dental enamel serves as one example that underlines the importance and...
Authors: Devis Bellucci, Valeria Cannillo, Andrea Cattini, Antonella Sola
Abstract:The design of bioceramic scaffolds, i.e. artificial structures employed as temporary templates for cell proliferation, is a crucial issue in...
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