13th International Ceramics Congress - Part E

Volume 91

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AST.91

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Authors: Yu.M. Mikhailov, V.V. Aleshin, A.M. Kolesnikova, D.Yu. Kovalev, V.I. Ponomarev

Abstract: The combustion of cellulose nitrate (NC) in ballasted mixtures containing an organic binder and nickel hydroxycarbonate (NiOHCO3)...

Authors: Ayşe Tunali, Neslihan Tamsu Selli

Abstract: Concealed cistern control panels are the systems allowing the water inside the built-in reservoir to flow into the toilet bowl when it is...

Authors: A. Prichodko, V. Jonauske, M. Cepenko, A. Beganskiene, A. Kareiva

Abstract: Calcium hydroxyapatite (Ca10(PO4)6(OH)2, CHAp), tricalcium phosphate...

Authors: Plamen Pashev, Rositsa Raykova, Yancho Hristov, Bogdan Bogdanov

Abstract: The study presented deal with preparation of batches of the system Y-Ba-Cu-O using sol-gel method and citric acid as precursor. Batches with...

Authors: G.D. Semchenko, E.S. Gevorkyan

Abstract: Application of modern ways of ceramic materials’ consolidation and association of synthesis methods of organic and inorganic chemistry,...

Authors: I. Walters, R. Shende, J.A. Puszynski

Abstract: Currently, there are several methods to produce spinel ferrite powder material such as sol-gel synthesis, self-propagating high-temperature...

Authors: Urška Lavrenčič Štangar, Minoo Tasbihi, Fernando Fresno, Marko Kete, Alberto Gasparotto, Chiara Maccato, Davide Barreca

Abstract: Self-cleaning and anti-fogging technology is already used in a variety of the products today, among which glazing products prevail. Their...

Authors: Umit Engin Anil, Ebru Al, Kagan Kayaci, Ferhat Kara

Abstract: In this study, a ceramic water filter with micron sized pores was developed based on diatomite raw material. The slip with diatomite earth...

Authors: Gudrun Reichenauer

Abstract: Aerogels are porous materials with potential applications in fields ranging from thermal insulation, catalyst support, filters, electrical...


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