13th International Ceramics Congress - Part F

Volume 92

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AST.92

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Authors: Shinobu Hashimoto, Hayami Takeda, Tatsuya Machino, Haruka Kanie, Sawao Honda, Yuji Iwamoto

Abstract: Geopolymers were fabricated from some Japanese volcanic ashes. 30 g of volcanic ash with 200μm in diameter was mixed with 10 ml of sodium...

Authors: Laëticia Vidal, Emmanuel Joussein, Joseph Absi, Sylvie Rossignol

Abstract: Geopolymers are inorganic materials obtained by the alkaline activation of aluminosilicate sources. The ammonium molybdate could be used as...

Authors: Petr Hlaváček, Vit Šmilauer, František Škvára

Abstract: Inorganic foams offer several unique properties such as low thermal conductivity, fire resistance, or UV stability. Inorganic foam specimens...

Authors: Ameni Gharzouni, Emmanuel Joussein, Samir Baklouti, Sylvie Rossignol

Abstract: The choice of precursors is a key parameter in the geopolymerization mechanism since it governs the kinetic of the reaction as well as the...

Authors: Maria Chiara Bignozzi, Omar Fusco, Alberto Fregni, Luca Guardigli, Ricccardo Gulli

Abstract: Geopolymers, and more in general alkali activated materials (AAM), are a new class of materials obtained by alumino-silicates precursors...

Authors: Lubica Kriskova, Lieven Machiels, Peter Tom Jones, Bart Blanpain, Yiannis Pontikes

Abstract: The focus of the present paper is to investigate the effect of the activating solution on the structure and mechanical properties of...

Authors: Raphaëlle Pouhet, Martin Cyr

Abstract: The carbonation of Portland-cement-based materials involves the reaction between atmospheric CO2 and calcium ions in the pore...

Authors: Alexandros Tsitouras, Sotirios Tsivilis, Glykeria Kakali

Abstract: There are several factors that affect geopolymerization, including the type and ratios of the starting materials as well as the curing...

Authors: Maria Elia Natali, Stefania Manzi, Lorenza Carabba, Cristina Chiavari, Maria Chiara Bignozzi, Marco Abbottoni, Andrea Balbo, Cecilia Monticelli

Abstract: The growing focus on issues related to the control of CO2 emissions, energy conservation and waste recycling pushes the...


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