7th Forum on New Materials - Part B

Volume 98

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/AST.98

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Authors: Ryszard Skulski, Dariusz Bochenek, Przemysław Niemiec, Dagmara Brzezinska, Artur Chrobak

Abstract: In the presented work composite ferroelectric/ferrimagnetic ceramics have been obtained and described. The investigated material is based on...

Authors: Dariusz Bochenek, Przemysław Niemiec, Ryszard Skulski, Jolanta Dercz

Abstract: In this paper a ferroelectric–ferromagnetic composites based on a doped PZT-type and ferrite powders were presented. Ferroelectric powder...

Authors: Andrea Chiappini, Cristina Armellini, Alessandro Carpentiero, Laura Pasquardini, Lorenzo Lunelli, Alessandro Vaccari, Stefano Pelli, Anna Lukowiak, Cecilia Pederzolli, Giancarlo C. Righini, Roberta Ramponi, Maurizio Ferrari

Abstract: In this paper we report on the fabrication and the characterization of colloidal systems considering complementary structures based on...

Authors: Keisuke Sato, Yuuki Sugano, Kenji Hirakuri, Naoki Fukata

Abstract: We report on the structural characterization and the photovoltaic performances of novel photoelectric conversion materials fabricated by...

Authors: Talib Hussain, Liang Tang, Hui Qi Ye, Dong Xiao

Abstract: Phosphor materials have fascinating applications in the field of photovoltaic and biosensors but low quantum yield is a major hurdle in...

Authors: Yu Yang Su, Kai Ling Liang, Chyi Ming Leu

Abstract: Indium phosphide (InP) quantum dots (QDs) with luminescence tunable over the entire visible spectrum were prepared by the conventional hot...

Authors: Takayuki Yanagida

Abstract: Recent progress of transparent ceramic scintillators is reviewed. The present work reports the research and development of oxide transparent...

Authors: Francesca Bonfigli, Enrico Nichelatti, Maria Aurora Vincenti, Rosa Maria Montereali

Abstract: X-ray imaging represents a very relevant tool in basic and applied research fields due to the possibility of performing non-destructive...

Authors: Malgorzata Plonska, Wojciech A. Pisarski, Joanna Pisarska

Abstract: In the present work the influence of co-doping with ytterbium ions (for 0, 0.5, 1.5, 2.5 wt.% of Yb3+) on physical properties of...


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