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Authors: Hsin Yu Lin, Yu Lin Ye
Chapter 1: Photocatalytic Materials
Abstract:Developing a photocatalysis system to generate hydrogen from water is a topic of great interest for fundamental and practical importance. In...
Authors: Chong Siang Yaw, Meng Nan Chong, Ai Kah Soh
Chapter 1: Photocatalytic Materials
Abstract:The main aim of this study was to electrochemically synthesize and characterise bismuth vanadate (BiVO4) photoelectrodes for...
Authors: Rachan Klaysri, Sopita Wichaidit, Piyasan Praserthdam, Okorn Mekasuwandumrong
Chapter 1: Photocatalytic Materials
Abstract:Grafting TiO2 on PMMA was studied by atom-transfer radical-polymerization (ATRP). Each step in grafting process was monitored by...
Authors: Keng Ho Cheung, Pramod Koshy, Moreica Beatrice Pabbruwe, Brendan Lee, Charles Christopher Sorrell
Chapter 1: Photocatalytic Materials
Abstract:TiO2 films of varying mineralogical and microstructural characteristics were fabricated on sand-blasted Ti6Al4V plates by...
Authors: Stefan Palzer, Jürgen Wöllenstein, Janosch Kneer
Chapter 2: Nanomaterials for Solid State Gas Sensors
Abstract:This contribution revisits recent results regarding the selective detection of the trace gases hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen oxide, and nitrogen...
Authors: Xing Min Guo, Jie Ting Zhao, Xi Tao Yin, Shuang Long Huang
Chapter 2: Nanomaterials for Solid State Gas Sensors
Abstract:SnO2-based sensor has many advantages such as low cost, small size, high reliability, and long operating life, but selectivity has...
Authors: Ambra Fioravanti, Antonino Bonanno, Mauro Mazzocchi, Maria Cristina Carotta, Michele Sacerdoti
Chapter 2: Nanomaterials for Solid State Gas Sensors
Abstract:Six different ZnO nanomorphologies were synthesized trough wet chemical routes starting from a water solution of zinc nitrate hexahydrate,...
Authors: Shilpa A. Pande
Chapter 2: Nanomaterials for Solid State Gas Sensors
Abstract:In this research work, a very simple, low cost eco-friendly method is presented for the synthesis of silver nanoparticles to be used in...
Authors: Yasuhiro Shimizu, Takeo Hyodo
Chapter 2: Nanomaterials for Solid State Gas Sensors
Abstract:Several approaches to improve H2 sensing properties of TiO2-based diode-types sensors have been investigated. Those...
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